High School Sports Performance Training

Buckley’s premier sports performance training program. Athletes build a combination of strength, conditioning, and mobility to improve athletic performance.

Our strength & conditioning program increases athletes’ competitive advantage on the field, court, track, and course. We offer group, individual, and team training options.


Summer Training Camp 

Training Dates | June 26-30, 2023
Time | 12:15 PM-1:15 PM
Cost | $150
Post-Camp Training Cost | $27.50/Week ($110/Month)

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Strength & Conditioning

Athlete will develop movement patterns and stamina that improve sports performance and make them more resilient against injuries.

Lifelong Athletes

Our classes help athletes develop a lifelong love of health and fitness.

Teamwork & Leadership

We utilize teamwork within our program to equip athletes with better skills to lead others through inspiration, communication, and encouragement.


Our approach to training develops the importance of 'self' within a team setting, from self-accountability to self-discipline, we build confidence within athletes which makes them less likely to suffer from anxiety and depression.

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