When you look at a workout, what is the first thing you look for? Do you look for the part you do like/don’t like? Do you jump to whether it is going to be easy/hard?

We have some questions we think are important for our athletes to have in hand when approaching workouts, and in the next few posts we will be giving more context to each question. 

  1. What is the objective of this workout?

  2. What primary energy system is this built for? 
    – Can I make an efficient game plan to execute properly? 

  3. What muscle groups will this demand the most from? (Including which areas will cause the most heart taxation)

  4. Do I know which movements/areas are most subject to injury – especially as I fatigue?

  5. Does the workout make sense in relation to my goals?

Post Workout Questions

  1. What and where am I anticipating for fatigue/DOMS?

  2. Was that an effective workout in relation to my goals?
    – Apple Watch Calories, Soreness, Sweating, etc. 

  3. Is this workout/program producing the results I want?