Our Assemble Nutrition Framework is about giving structure and tools to better navigate consistency for a healthful life well-lived.

We believe in using
1. A holistic, realistic approach to fueling the body with quality food choices for both performance and optimal health.

– In order to perform well, we must be well fueled; and whether we want to acknowledge it or not, our bodies are constantly communicating to us through our digestion (poop), energy levels, mood, inflammation/skin… just to name a few.
– The goal should be to fill our bodies with quality nutrients (macronutrients and micronutrients from vegetables, quality proteins, etc.) but amounts matter (especially when it comes to changing composition), which is why portion sizes and macros can help.

2. An 80/20 Mindset
– Mindset = focused on consistency: make the better choice more often
– Discipline is still required: 80% of our nutrition should be focused on quality fuel
– While it’s easy to write a restrictive diet that will produce results, majority of the population cannot and will not sustain that; and often times restrictive diets lead to eating behavior disorders, mental/emotional struggles, and typically when it comes to weight: excessive rebounding. Not to mention, calorie restriction diets are a huge culprit in hormone disruption.

3. 2×2 Alcohol
– No more than two servings of alcohol, twice a week
– Less is better, more sugar and alcohol are not good for body fat or gut health, let alone mental health

4. Hydration
– At least half your body weight in ounces of water per day AND electrolytes
– Important electrolytes: Per day, roughly 5 grams sodium, 4.7 grams potassium, 600 mg magnesium, and 1 gram calcium.

5. Your Individual Truth
– Understand your own behaviors/patterns… if you know them it makes it way easier to navigate them and no one knows your history better than you
– Understand your own nutritional experience (how certain foods impact your own digestion (poop), performance, mood, energy, etc.)
– Take responsibility in setting yourself up for success with systems, accountability/support, and best practices to make it a routine (think: meal prep, etc.)

All of our athletes are equipped with more in-depth nutrition education and resources, and we provide private nutrition coaching to help athletes meet their personal health, performance, and aesthetic goals through a sustainable approach to nutrition. To get started with your nutrition, contact us at

“This approach is working, and the whole experience while working with you has given me hope again when it comes to food. You are really good at what you do.” – Jodi