Programming… a topic we love! What is programming? It is the planning of workouts from sets, reps, and rest to movements and intensities that align to an outcome or goal(s).

Every single gym, fitness boutique, personal trainer, etc. utilizes different methods of programming and some align to goals, some are just for the sake of breaking a sweat and burning some calories. 

Assemble programming is health + performance driven and geared toward athletes (past, present, and future). 

The workouts that make up our programming are done in a way that expose the body and cardiovascular system to low, moderate, and high intensity work. Our strength work is balanced and joint health is a top priority, which is why we have a best in class track record when it comes to our athletes not only avoiding preventable injuries as they improve performance, but also reversing aches/pains/injuries they walk through the door with when first starting here. 

When it comes to numbers, we don’t really give a hoot or holler about how many calories an Apple Watch says a person burned, we care more about performance metrics, heart rate/WHOOP data, and results from biometric screenings.

We train all systems (cardiovascular, muscular, brain, etc.) so that our athletes not only can perform the top of their game, but can live long lives and continue doing all the things they love doing.

We will caveat this with: our programming only works for those who are willing to work… but man, does it work! 

When you see a workout, do you know how to dissect it? We talk through this a lot with our athletes, often asking, “what do you read with this workout?” 

Our next post will be giving more tools to help you better understand how to decipher a workout and then best approach it.